Monday, February 06, 2006


So Maybe I Will Continue With A Few Updates

I see that people keep coming to this blog so it's hard to ignore. I've decided to contiue updating it when I can.

Here is what I've add to my website blog in January:

A visitor sent in this mexican roast beef crockpot recipe. It sounds super easy to make. This visitor works as physical therapist and has very little time to cook. Using a crock pot to prepare her meals in the morning before she goes out the door is a great solution.

When she gets home this dish's aroma is filling her home and is done when she walks in the door.

Not only that but this recipe starts out as a roast the first night and the left overs make delicious enchiladas the second night. What could be better than cooking once and getting two great meals out of it? Don't miss this mexican roast beef crockpot recipe, you'll love it.


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