Monday, December 05, 2005


Pretty Neat Egg McMuffin Maker

Last Saturday, I spent the night over at my brother's house. His wife was having a girl's night sleep-over. We did some Christmas crafts, ate pizza and watched movies.

The next morning, Debbie, my brother's wife started making cinnamon roll french toast which was quite tasty. Then she pulled out this odd looking toaster. It was odd in that it had this extra cooking area attached to the toaster. Debbie said that this toaster makes egg mcmuffins. MMMM sounds interesting.

Debbie said "yeah it's really cool. You put your english muffin, bagel or toast in the toaster part and an egg and a piece of canadian bacon in the other part. In 5 minutes all of it will be cooked and you can add a piece of cheese and assemble your egg mcmuffin."

I thought, "That sounds pretty good. I'll try one."

It really did cook in 5 minutes and all of it was done at the same time which was really cool. So if you have trouble getting the timing right when you are cooking, this little gadget will make you look like a chef. The toast doesn't even start toasting right away but is delayed so the egg can cook.

So now you can make an egg mcmuffins at home just as fast as McDonalds. And it's probably healthier than McDonalds too. What a fast and easy way to feed the kids in the morning before school. Sure beats those sugary cereals.

I made my son an egg mcmuffin after school today and he loved it, only I had to do it the manual way, meaning first I cooked the canadian bacon, then the egg and then I had to time it all to be finished at the same time. A little bit of a juggle. I'm thinking I will put one of these egg and muffin toasters on my Christmas list.

Have a great day,

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