Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Garlic Mashed Potato Recipe

The other night I decided to make mashed potatoes for dinner to accompany my fried fish. I wanted this recipe to be really easy and quick and of course taste good.

My hubby doesn't like sour cream or so he thinks but I really wanted to make this dish with sour cream in it. What to do. Well I decided to make the potatoes with a little sour cream. Maybe he wouldn't notice.

Guess what? He didn't notice and I put a couple of big spoonfuls in the potatoes. In fact he really liked them a lot. He didn't ask about sour cream or what was in them and I didn't offer. He doesn't know about this blog yet so maybe he won't find out!:)

Garlic Mashed Potatoe Recipe

Start with cooking the bacon first so it will be done when the potatoes are. Drain bacon on paper towels and then chop into small pieces.

Wash and cut up the potatoes into chunks. Leave the skin on. This saves time and is more nutritious. Put potatoes and garlic cloves in a pot and fill with water. Boil the potatoes till done about 15 minutes.

Drain the potatoes in a colander and then put the potatoes and garlic back in the same pot. Add the sour cream, butter, salt and pepper and smash with a potato masher. When the potatoes have a nice smooth fluffy consistency, mix in the bacon and parsley.

Believe it or not all that garlic doesn't overpower the potatoes. It also gets real nice and soft so when you mash the potatoes, the garlic sort of disappears except for that great flavor. And if you don't want to add the bacon, don't. The potatoes will still taste great.

Most of the time when you think of making homemade mashed potatoes it seems like an ordeal. You've got to peel all these potatoes, cook them, then bring out the mixer, etc. etc.

So try this recipe. You only dirty one pot, there's no peeling invovled and they mash up real quick with a hand masher. You can even leave them a little chunky if that is your desire.


P.S. These are really delicious.

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