Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Guacamole Dip Will Last 2 Weeks?

I was shopping at Whole Foods Grocery yesterday and saw a young lady trying to sell guacamole dip. She had a table set up with samples for anyone to try.

When I went up to taste her guacamole dip she proceded to tell me that it would last two weeks in the refrigerator. My jaw dropped open. I'm lucky, real lucky if I can eat it after two days let alone two weeks.

So I had to ask the question. "What do you put in it to last that long?" Her reply was as I expected "lemon juice".

I still don't believe that it will last two weeks. Sorry I'm not convinced. But then she added another ingredient that surprised me. Cucumber. Now that sounds interesting because I like cucumber and I think it would be good in guacamole dip. But would it really help to preserve it? Maybe.

The guacamole sample she gave me tasted pretty good although I still like my guac without lemon juice. So I bought a container just to see if it really would last two weeks. If it doesn't, do I get a refund? Just kidding.

I decided to read the ingredient list on the container and found yet another ingredient that I have never seen in a guacamole recipe. It was orange juice. Mmmm. I didn't taste any orange juice in the guac but maybe the orange citrus also helps in preserving it.

Now I am really intriqued. I am going to have to experiment with a new guacamole dip recipe and use cucumber and orange juice in my new recipe. I will be most curious to see if this will increase its' shelf life.

For now if you are really hungry for a very delicious guacamole dip recipe, I have one on my mexican recipe site. I believe it is one of the best you will ever taste.

After I experiement with my new recipe, I will share it with you. It would be nice if guacamole lasted longer than a day.

Actually IMO, good Guacamole requires freshly squeezed lime juice to be perfect!
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