Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Secrets To The Best Seven Layer Dip

Were you looking for a delicious seven layer dip recipe that's really good?

Let me share my secrets for the best tasting seven layer dip.

To be really good you are going to have to make some of the ingredients from scratch, namely the refried beans, the mexican beef and especially the guacamole. There is just no two ways around this.

I've tried those packages of ready made guacamole and personally I can barely eat them.

If you make nothing else in this dish, make sure you make homemade guacamole. You'll never buy the ready made stuff again.

And you know what? It's easy to do and I will show you how.

Just so you will know where I'm coming from, growing up, I used work in my family's Mexican restaurant. I was the cook for more than 7 years.

I created a Mexican food recipe site to share a little about what I've learned including some tasty recipes.

Now let's get back to that seven layer dip.

My recipe calls for a layer of refried beans made from canned whole pinto beans that are already cooked. This will save you about 2 hours cooking time. You will take these beans and add oil and spices and cook them for about 45 minutes or so. Then you will mash them and have beans that are better than the canned version.

Cook your beans and beef a day ahead to save time.

Make the guacamole right before you are ready to put the whole thing together. Nothing beats FRESH guacamole.

Make sure all your ingredients are chilled before assembling this dish.

When layering the ingredients, make the bean layer 3/4 inch thick, then add the beef, sour cream, guacamole (an inch thick), canned whole kernel corn, shredded mild cheddar cheese, and chopped tomatoe or salsa.

Your guest, and you, are going to love this dish. Why not try it out at your next social event? Don't be surprised if it disappears fast!

Check out my Mexican recipe site for more delicious Mexican recipes.

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